Pricing and Payment Methods

  • Pellets

Pellet procedure costs are dependent on the dosage of pellets received.
*There are no consultation fees or hidden fees that will be charged at checkout*
The standard dosage costs $650.
The Increased dosage costs $750.
On average, men return every 5-6 months for their next treatment.
The standard dosage costs $300.
The Increased dosage costs $350.
On average, women return every 3-4 months for their next treatment.


Forms of Direct Payment

We take the following as payment for our services:

  • Most major credit cards
  • Contactless Payments (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay)
  • Cash (Please note, we do not take cash at our Payson clinic)
  • Check

Contactless Payments:

Although Credit and Debit cards are the most popular payment methods. Many cards have become contactless-enabled and many more are being issued with contactless payment capabilities so they can be simply waved over our Clover checkout device for payment. Additionally, almost all cards can be added to a mobile wallet and we have the ability to accept the following types of contactless payments:

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay


Our LoveJoy founders (Jon and Joy Melby) believe in providing discounts when we can. Particularly to those who served their country as Active, Reserve, or Veteran US Military status and those in the medical community who became any form of registered nurse.  We also support our first responders (Police, Fire Department, and EMT community).  Additionally, we believe that teachers deserve so much more than we can give credit.  They dedicate themselves to the future of our youth.  We appreciate all of our patients, but want to do our part to pay homage to those who served in the above.  

Below are the discount policy for these groups of individuals with a $30 Discount on Hormone Therapy Services (BHRT) for each visit.

    • Active, Reserve, or Veterans of US or Canadian Military Service
    • Registered Nurse or Nurse Practitioner
    • First Responders (Police, Fire Department, EMT)
    • Teachers (Any and all levels of education)

Blood Draws

Our patients can have their blood drawn at our clinic or an outside blood laboratory; depending on which is more convenient for their schedule. Patients can pay for their blood work with their insurance, cash, or card.

We prefer that you visit our clinic for your blood work so you don’t have to wait for your appointment.

Alternative Payment Methods
Due to nationwide economic pressures, we offer alternative payment methods for our patients to use when paying for their pellet therapy or any of our products.  This is on a case by case basis and must be approved by executive management.

We accept Health Savings Account Cards and Flexible Saving Account Cards for payments on our services and products.

We offer 4 different membership options for women and 2 different membership options for men (based on your personalized pellet dosage and how many treatments you receive per year).

Membership accounts allow patients to pay for their service throughout the year and not have to pay the lump sum amount for their pellet treatment when checking out. If you are interested in learning more information, ask about our membership plans at check-out and we will explain monthly pricing and get you set up.

Referral Program
We offer a Referral Program  to create opportunities for patients to receive credits on their account or to receive various awards and discounts.

Once a referral receives pellets, we credit the referrer’s account with a reward to use on any of our products and services. We also offer tier rewards for patients who refer specific amounts of patients to our clinic.

Our goal is to make our treatments more affordable by crediting our patients and their friends for helping us keep our doors open and expand to new locations.  This helps to reduce our advertising costs while helping your friends/family become hormone optimized like you are.  

Referrals are always the best method to increase any business.  LoveJoy is perfect for this method of business growth because everyone is rewarded with healthy and happy people in their lives.

In situations where patients cannot pay for their treatment but want to continue to receive treatment, with approval from management or appropriate leadership, patients may qualify to pay via an invoice that can be paid off over a maximum of 3 months.

It is encouraged that patients place a down payment for the treatment (ex. $100) and pay the rest of the invoice off within 3 months. Patients who do not complete paying their invoice before their next appointment will be rejected service until the invoice is paid in full.  

This is on a case-by-case basis and only offered to existing patients (not first time patients).

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