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As we age (around age 40), women lose Testosterone and Estrogen. While men begin losing Testosterone and gaining Estrogen. Hormone Replacement Therapy will help you optimize your hormones naturally.

Meet Joy Melby

Our resident medical director explains what Hormone Replacement Therapy is and how it can greatly benefit you.

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Aging naturally decreases your hormone levels. You CAN feel whole again with the support of natural bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Let us help you optimize your hormones.  We are experts in menopause treatment and signs of perimenopause.

Here are the steps you can take to discover where YOUR hormones are at and if hormone replacement therapy is right for you:


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Amazing! This clinic has got me living my life again. They are so friendly and wonderful here!

Catherine C.
Middle Aged Couple in House

Discover the BHRT Solution

  • Natural – Bioidentical Hormone Replacement
  • Standard Protocols Used
  • Simple Procedure
  • Lasts for Months
  • Hundreds of Testimonials

Want to learn more right now?  Download our FREE eBook or you can schedule a FREE virtual consultation with one of our New Patient Coordinators.

Happy Patients

We think bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is awesome and that we’re pretty fantastic at what we do. Don’t just take our word for it, look at what others are saying about LoveJoy Clinic.

Based on 720 reviews
Cindy S.
I was greeted warmly & felt very welcomed. The phlebotomist was EXCELLENT. It was my first visit & I go back next week for results. I am hopeful & looking forward to the appointment & the results of the blood tests.
Always great exp!
Laureen A.
Such a friendly experience all around. I look forward to my first round of Bio-Identicals next week. ❤️
Sandy C.
I have been going to Lovejoy for almost 2 years and have never felt better! My energy levels and libido are back to where they used to be along with many other benefits and things that I was missing in my every day life. The staff is always super friendly and they greet you by name. I have recommended many people here that also share the same sentiment. Keep up the good work, ladies!
Lisa D.
Great first time in. Professional and inviting. Staff were so helpful.
Ellen D.
I really like the gals there. Paula was so helpful, answered my questions. Michelle works the front and wonder ful customer service. Will be back!!
Biggest 2.
These guys are the best. The service they provide, from reception to testing, to provision of treatment, is bloody fantastic. It’s the whole package, with not only great product but, the most grin inducing staff you’ll have the pleasure of being attended to by. Real good un’s….
Angie “Ella” W.
Always a pleasure. The staff couldn’t be more friendly or helpful than the staff at LoveJoy!
miranda B.
It’s changed my live, the nurses are patient and professional.
Mary S B.
Love Joy and staff
Michael S.
This place makes me feel like I’m home every time, Love it!
Julie C.
I absolutely love every single person in this office! They are so amazing and I am happy I found them😊
Carrie C.
Excellent experience from the time I checked in through the time I checked out. Lovejoy has given me my life back.
Debra C.
I really enjoy the people who work here. Friendly and professional.
Tony W.
Amazing service
Charlene T.
This is a wonderful doctor's office to get hormone treatments very fast in and out and Super nice people the best
Christine B.
I can’t say enough about this place! Everyone is so friendly and happy to be there. The treatment has improved my health so much. I have more energy, stronger libido, and can sleep without sweating or tossing and turning.
Kim K.
It was nice to have a healthcare provider who took the time to listen. Would highly recommend LoveJoy Clinic!
Cherron L.
The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and simply outstanding!HRT saved my life.
Stephanie L.
Highly recommended!! Professional, knowledgeable and friendly staff. If I could give them more stars I would!!

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The Hormone Zone

Dr. Don Colbert, MD is someone that LoveJoy Hormone Clinic trusts to share Hormone Replacement Therapy expertise.  Dr. Colbert has a wonderful book that we believe is an excellent reference for your bookshelf. In fact, his book is what we use to explain to our own patients.  Why “re-invent the wheel”.  You can purchase his book on Amazon by clicking the button below.

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