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As we age (around age 40), women lose Testosterone and Estrogen. While men begin losing Testosterone and gaining Estrogen. Hormone Replacement Therapy will help you optimize your hormones naturally.

Meet Joy Melby

Our resident medical director explains what Hormone Replacement Therapy is and how it can greatly benefit you.

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Aging naturally decreases your hormone levels. You CAN feel whole again with the support of natural bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Let us help you optimize your hormones.  We are experts in menopause treatment and signs of perimenopause.

Here are the steps you can take to discover where YOUR hormones are at and if hormone replacement therapy is right for you:


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Amazing! This clinic has got me living my life again. They are so friendly and wonderful here!

Catherine C.
Middle Aged Couple in House

Discover the BHRT Solution

  • Natural – Bioidentical Hormone Replacement
  • Standard Protocols Used
  • Simple Procedure
  • Lasts for Months
  • Hundreds of Testimonials

Happy Patients

We think bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is awesome and that we’re pretty fantastic at what we do. Don’t just take our word for it, look at what others are saying about LoveJoy Clinic.

I personally recommend the Lovejoy Clinic. The staff is friendly and professional. The hormones are organically sourced and the new flank insertion technique they use is phenomenal.
John K.
I received my first round of pellets in Aug 2023. The results were astounding. The providers at LoveJoy had my best interest in mind and guided me through the entire process. Life-changing!
Jennifer K.
I must confess that surely she is a skilled professional trader and the best among all, as her clients all said, I saw so many positive reviews about Mrs Joan Steve and she managed my account after I Invested $4,000 and got a successful withdrawal of $18,650 within seven days of my investment, "It always seems impossible until it’s done" with Mrs Joan your hard earned money is 100% secured and Safe You can contact her via Email:joansteve42@gmail.com
Mpendulo M.
I went in today and I was so pleased with the NP and her putting the pellets in after I did the blood work just yesterday! I missed an appt. on Tuesday due...
Hannah S.
The Lovejoy clinic is wonderful. Lovely caring staff. I drive an hour to see them. So worth it.
Bronwyn G.
Terrific doctors- the hormone therapy is a life saver.
Laurie D.
Every bit of my appointment was informative and pleasant. LoveJoy was referred to me by a friend who said that HRT was one of the BEST decisions she had made for her health and wellbeing. I made an appointment as an exploratory measure to see if I even needed this kind of help. After discussing my blood-labs with Joy I could clearly see how this will benefit me. The entire team of office and medical professionals treated me kindly, respectfully, and with genuine interest in my welfare. I've already Highly Recommended LJHC to several friends!
Kari G.
Can't wait for the pellet to kick into action! They are amazing ladies, so detailed in knowledge!! Thank you🫶
Deb B.
It was my first time in and was a very positive experience! My wife persuaded me to give the pellet injection a try. The staff was friendly and professional. All my questions were answered and everything was explained efficiently and made me feel comfortable. Thumbs up so far!
Janet J.
So far so good. Great staff, lovely facility. They were able to get me in promptly. Have not received pellets as of yet but have had them before from a previous provider. I also like the fact the the staff are Nurse Practitioners. I will update my review after treatment.
Very professional. Great service and highly informative.
JR60 B.
The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and simply outstanding!
Cherron L.
You guys are awesome!!!! As someone who is irrationally afraid of needles, I’ve survived two with you guys and no meltdown. I’m looking forward to success!!
Monica B.
As always, excellent care and service
Wendy S.
Very personable and takes the time to explain everything before treatment. Love this place!!
Rhonda B.
Awesome people! I wish there were more locations!!
Julie G.
I really like the gals there. Paula was so helpful, answered my questions. Michelle works the front and wonder ful customer service. Will be back!!
Ellen D.
I've been feeling much better since I started getting pellets again. Thank you!!!
elle B.
Everybody is so friendly, knowledgeable and helpful! Such a great experience - thank you to all the employees for patiently answering all my questions and being so professional! I highly recommend this clinic - you can't beat their customer service:)
Mari C.
Amelia really cares, like she takes the time and actually cares and makes sure you are doing what is right for you.
toni steinmark K.
I am so happy with the quality of care of these amazing ladies. I feel so much better and don't have to drive to the valley anymore for HRT.
Susan J.
They treat me like family! Knowledgeable, caring, time conscious, love Paula and the whole staff!
Kelly P.
I Love this place, they are very professional and know what they are doing!!! I see Debbie and she is Amazing…. I highly recommend LoveJoy Hormone Clinic
Cheryl B.
Very knowledgeable and friendly employees and I wouldn’t be without these hormones! I highly recommend!
Paula and Michelle are great! Would absolutely reccomend!
Megan M.
I've been going to Dr Joy at her previous job and ever since she opened her own clinic. The hormones are bioidentical and I feel so great since I've been...
Beverly M.
Great place! Frannie is the best!
Jennifer C.
Amazing answered all my questions
Tamela C.
The staff is very friendly and helpful. I am happy that we found this clinic.
Sirenda H.
Excellent care! Paula Nelson and Michelle are very knowledgeable and thorough. If I could give them more stars I would!
Very knowledgeable staff, super friendly, and very professional. Highly recommend.
I’m always greeted with a smile and upbeat mood! I really needed that today!
Marleen J.
Not only a physician but has grown into an amazing friend! Staff is so encouraging and understanding.
becky B.
Amelia is my Specialist at the clinic. LOVE her. She is very informative and answers my questions in a manner that I can understand. Receptionist is also...
Kristin M.
Always friendly, responsive, quick which is so awesome with a busy schedule!! Appreciate LoveJoy
J B.
Amazing experience! The staff are so kind and knowledgeable!
Joey W.
Amazing- love everyone here! They have greatly helped me! Huge difference in my Libido and my marriage- highly recommed!
Cynthia B.
Best clinic ever!!! Everyone is so attentive and sweet! Highly recommended!!!
Aimee M.
Just an amazing offices! Starting with my very first phone call. I was given tons of information and got an appointment for the very next week. Blood work...
Leisa T.
Very professional and helpful and nice Staff. I wish I would of known of this place sooner 😃
Lucy H.
I wish I knew about this place alot sooner!!!
Sara R.
Very pleasant and knowledgeable.
Sherry B.
I visited Lovejoy because my existing doc, who I love, is closing his physical office. Needing my pellet insertions, I was referred by him to Lovejoy. I absolutely would recommend them. There are no added costs for consultations or supplements and they can draw the labs onsite. Very nice facility and very friendly and professional staff.
Dale-Wendy S.
Very good at what they do !
Never had a better blood draw !!!
Jill M.
The service was excellent. Everything was explained and the procedure was painless.
I recommend Lovejoy!
Maria Rubio- D.
Very caring and sincere people. They get it!!!
Kim Doubler B.
Very friendly people, very experienced!
Lydia B.
Joy is absolutely fantastic. I have my hormones done with her and I could not be happier. She is the best!!!!
Tracy B.
I don’t know what I’d do without my hormone replacement pellets, actually I’d be in bed miserable without them! I’m so grateful for this therapy, it’s given me my life back!
Carrie A.
Everyone was helpful and happy
Linda G.
It’s life changing ! Your way happier and u feel so much better and stronger !
Shelly B.
We are women of change -we need to listen to our bodies
Catherine B.
I feel like they really get what customer service really Is all about
Sybil I.
Wonderful staff and the pellets REALLY DO WORK!!! Thank you so much! I'm extremely happy with the results.
Shannon Devra R.
I love this place! It’s Wonderful!
Debbie J.
John and Joy are great. They make you feel at home. I look forward to hearing the results of the test they are running. I would recommend them to anyone.
Chris M.
friendly and knowledgeable staff
Karin C.
Informative, friendly, helpful
Karla T.
This clinic is always so welcoming. The staff is helpful and overly kind.
Jeri Ann C.
Dr Joy is very knowledgeable about all things hormonal. She has made my husband feel very comfortable so much so that he was willing to try out the service as well.
Teri M.
first time getting hormone pellets, so we will see. The staff very nice and efficient.
Terri C.
I was just at the clinic for the third time. I feel so much better and energizedThey are efficient and friendly. I feel that they take the utmost care to...
Linda W.
Very caring and professional office. If you are not sleeping and just don’t have the energy you used have you might need a hormonal checkup, this is the place to go!
Kaye S.
I love going to clinic not just for my hormones but because the staff is delightful & kind!
Janet Bunce M.
I have been going to Joy for years. When she left her previous clinic, I was devastated, as I was only going there because of Joy. I Googled her and was...
R F.
I LOVE JOY and her Clinic.Been worth her 5 years..Dr Tutera. Founder, 30 some yrs as my OBGYN.Pleeeeese do yourself a GREAT service and go see Joy...I'm...
Nanette B.

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Dr. Don Colbert, MD is someone that LoveJoy Hormone Clinic trusts to share Hormone Replacement Therapy expertise.  Dr. Colbert has a wonderful book that we believe is an excellent reference for your bookshelf. In fact, his book is what we use to explain to our own patients.  Why “re-invent the wheel”.  You can purchase his book on Amazon by clicking the button below.

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