The Power of Gratitude

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If your parents taught you to say thank you when you were little, they did more than you know to promote your well-being. Learning to be thankful has the power to frame how you see everything in life – your relationships, career, lifestyle, and health.  The power of gratitude can impact your daily living in ways you never dreamed.


Saying thank you is one small piece of the gratitude puzzle. Like rose-colored glasses, your outlook colors everything you see around you. Gratitude is an awareness of all you have, the gift of life, and acts of kindness you receive. These elements can take time to develop if they aren’t already part of your daily life.


Where Does Goodness Come From?


Acknowledging the goodness around you can lead to a connection with a greater power outside you. However you interpret that, it’s difficult to argue that forces are at work to make the world a better place, one word or action at a time. It makes sense that something bigger than us gives us the ability to be grateful even when faced with challenges.


Health Benefits of Gratitude


Strongly connected, the body and soul work in conjunction. Proven benefits to expressing gratitude through journaling or spoken affirmations include fewer aches and pains, less frequent trips to visit the doctor, and greater satisfaction in life.


If that doesn’t motivate us to start practicing gratitude, what will? 😊


Expressing gratitude toward friends and loved ones may also increase feelings of positivity toward each other. It doesn’t just need to be someone you love – hearing from a boss or coworker has similar benefits.


There are at least 31 Benefits of Gratitude, but we’re confident you’ll find more to add as you learn the power of gratitude.


Elevate Your Gratitude Game


However strong your gratitude muscle is currently; you can get stronger. We encourage you to set a 30-Day Gratitude Challenge for yourself. Commit to starting your day being grateful for at least one thing, then be aware of all the gifts – big and small – you encounter throughout your day.


Journaling is great, but it’s not for everyone. Try keeping a list on your phone by simply writing the number of the day and one thing for which you’re grateful. Maybe even make a note of how you feel as you progress through your 30-day challenge.


Try these easy exercises to practice gratitude:

  • Write a thank you note
  • Meditate/Pray
  • Count your blessings
  • Thank someone mentally


Share your thoughts or experiences with gratitude in the comments below. We would love to know if gratitude is something you practice regularly and what your suggestions are to become more aware of the gifts in your life.


Want more lifestyle tips? Use the momentum from your new gratitude practice and try making a VISION BOARD.

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