LoveJoy VIP Referral Program

What is the LoveJoy VIP Referral Program?

Hi! I am Jon Melby, President and CEO of LoveJoy Hormone Clinic.

We have had tremendous growth since we first opened our doors on May 1, 2019.  The growth has been due to marketing efforts on social media platforms. But, most of our growth has been through patients referring their friends and family.

We wanted to do something unique.  By rewarding our patients who refer NEW patients to us.  I would much rather reward our patients with incentives than pay a marketing company or social media outlet advertising money.  

With you referring your friends, you become a LoveJoy VIP Patient. One who is loyal to what we do, and that by the way, makes you very special!

Watch this video from Jon to learn how it works.

Program Basics

It is a win-win for both you and the person being referred!

  1. Here is how the program basically works.  For more details, please review our Referral Program Terms and Conditions link below.
  2.  You click on the button below and sign up to be a LoveJoy VIP Member
  3. Once you are in the system, you can use your “Referral Portal” to send links to your friends and family for them to sign up.
    •  Texting, What’s App, Email, Social Media post, and other ways
  4.  When the person you refers books a consultation with our New Patient Coordinator, they become a “Qualified Referral”.
  5. If they attend a provider consultation and receive BHRT or Hormone Therapy, then they are an approved referral and you receive a reward of $50 on your LoveJoy clinic account.
  6. The person you referred will receive a $30 discount on their first therapy session along with any other discounts available.
Get rewarded for referring your friends to LoveJoy!
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