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As you age you may notice that you have less desire for intimacy, both physical and sexual. This is normal due to decreasing hormones. Yes! You have a hormone that controls your desire for love and your ability to show love to your partner.

Oxytocin is often known as the “love drug” or “cuddle chemical”. One of our premier compounding pharmacies, Belmar Pharma Solutions, shares more information on this that will help you understand all the ways oxytocin naturally supports healthy living. You’ll also discover how declining oxytocin might be to blame for some of the symptoms you’re experiencing.


Finding Balance

Healthy and balanced hormones can improve your desire for physical intimacy. When your hormones are optimized and you’re connecting through physical touch, a great by-product is oxytocin.

The opposing hormone to oxytocin in cortisol. Cortisol is triggered when you are experiencing stress in your life. Stress enters, cortisol goes up and oxytocin goes down. Excess stress of any kind impacts oxytocin and subsequently your ability to connect meaningfully.


The crazy thing is that stress is defined differently for everyone. So you shouldn’t ever feel shame for what stresses you. Especially if you’re over 40 and beginning to experience lower levels of hormones, stress will affect you differently than it did when you were younger.

Everyone has stressors – health, work, relationships, the state of the world, finances, family, etc. The key to managing to the best of your ability is, in part, to stay healthy and optimize your hormones.


Chronic Low Oxytocin Levels

In addition to being stressed, low oxytocin may impact your relationships, which can challenge your health on its own. This creates a cycle of stress in your life, making it difficult to give your body a chance to recover and produces the hormones it needs to thrive.


The Oxytocin Difference

Testing is the first step to understanding your hormone levels. We offer all the blood tests necessary to understand where you hormones levels are, then create a plan to get you on track to feeling better so that you can experience the “cuddle” sensations.

Bio-identical hormone replacement (BHRT) is a natural way to optimize your hormones. It’s our specialty and a great opportunity to get all your hormones in a healthy range. Addressing deficient hormone levels often impacts every area of life more than you might imagine.

As your hormones get the improvement they need, these are a few feeling you might experience:

  • Increased feelings of bonding and connection
  • Underlying tranquility
  • Lower stress levels

You may also want to try these lifestyle changes as you incorporate hormone therapy into your health strategy.


Is the Love Drug What You Need?

We offer a free consultation to discuss the symptoms you’re experiencing, run a full blood panel to test your hormone levels, and provide options for next steps to get you feeling like yourself again.


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