5 Keys to Natural Testosterone Support

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Testosterone’s Role in Men and Women

Testosterone is a hormone that is produced in both men and women, although the levels are much higher in males. It has many important functions in both sexes. A few ways testosterone supports health include the following:

  • Testosterone is vital for overall health
  • It is the main sex hormone for men
  • It helps regulate weight
  • Part of the reproduction hormones for women
  • It supports healthy bone mass levels
  • It maintains the sperm count
  • It aids in muscle growth

There are many reasons that testosterone levels drop. Age is the main and most common reason and it’s why most people come to LoveJoy Clinic. Cancer treatments, stress, not enough sleep and obesity also can contribute to low levels. When testosterone levels drop, it can create many undesirable symptoms, such as an increase in body fat, decreased sex drive, erectile dysfunction, brittle bones, hair loss, irregular periods, depression, mood changes, hot flashes and infertility.


There are quite a few approaches to natural testosterone support and raising your levels up to more normal levels. Let’s take a look at some of these great immune boosters.

Natural Testosterone Support Methods

Through the use of supplements and consuming testosterone-boosting foods, as well as exercise and lifestyle changes, one can push these levels up, and so reduce and minimize the effects of low levels of testosterone. You can read more about testosterone support here.


  • Get plenty of sleep. Sleep deprivation negatively affects hormone levels. Seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep can help to raise these levels.
  • Maintain a healthy body weight. Being overweight lowers testosterone levels. Losing weight can boost testosterone levels up to 50 percent.
  • Lead an active lifestyle. Bodies in motion create more testosterone. Walking, swimming, bicycling and a good exercise program that is performed on a regular basis are great ways to keep active.
  • Use testosterone-boosting natural supplements. There are many supplements that will aid in increasing testosterone levels. Just some of these are fenugreek extract, vitamin D, saw palmetto extract, DHEA, zinc and ginger. Research these and other supplements to learn more about the ingredients, dosage and quality.
  • Benefit from bio-identical hormone therapy. These manmade hormones are derived from wild yams. They help to regulate hormone levels due to the structure of wild yams being identical to naturally produced human hormones.

Checking Your Testosterone Level

We’ve given you plenty of ways to take care of low hormone levels, but how would you know if your testosterone level is low? Aside from the aforementioned symptoms of low testosterone, your medical provider can order a blood panel that will give an accurate picture of your current hormone levels. 

LoveJoy Clinic specializes in natural testosterone support (in addition to other key hormones). We not only help you test your hormone levels, but we provide education, FREE consultations to answer your questions, and bio-identical hormone support that mimics the hormones in your body. We would love to meet you and help you find health and confidence again. Schedule your free consultation below.

Enjoy the Benefits of Normal Testosterone Levels

Take back your life, one step at a time. Begin by regulating your hormone levels, including natural testosterone support, by following the above advices. You will feel better, you’ll be able to stay healthier and feel more vital. 

You can download our free e-book, which will give you further insight into bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Then call us and set up your free consultation. We can help you move toward a healthier, more balanced you!

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